The Architectural language of Weltevreden Hills is based on Cape Vernacular and remains true to the architectural roots of the region. The use of natural stone, timber boarding and coloured plaster on the elevations, make the designs more contemporary and help to create a cohesiveness harmonious feel to the estate as a whole

Due to the challenges that the site represent in terms of the slope, views and orientation and to ensure that the correct urban design qualities are achieved, 26 Primary house types were designed on carefully selected erven.

The remaining 24 erven use the primary house types, adjusted to specifically suit the relevant site characteristics. A range alternatives have also been designed with regards to the size of the houses.

The slope of the site, the urban design layout and the importance of uninterrupted views, let to 2 types of house entry conditions, namely, top entry and bottom entry. This is determined by the relationship of your erf to the road. Houses located on axis or focal areas, will have specific roof types or landscape elements like fountains to create orientation and sense of place, rooted in the urban design of the layout.

Open plan living are encouraged to embrace both the mountain side of the erf (also north facing) with a courtyard as well as the views to the south. Houses are 3 to 4 bedrooms, 2 – 3 bathrooms with lounge, dining, guest toilet and in some cases also studies and family rooms.